When it comes to durability, there is no greater test than installing a surface product in a student housing situation. It has to be strong, easy to clean, stain- and impact-resistant, and still look good enough to entice students to select on-campus housing.

This was the problem facing the renovators at Monmouth University. The smart people there selected Staron® acrylic solid surface over plastic laminate. Not only can Staron® be refurbished to a new condition, but it has impenetrable seams allowing to withstand mold and mildew.

Staron® Solid Surface is available in a variety of colors and can be fabricated in almost any way imaginable.

Dependable Performance

Innovation meets superior stranded
Homogeneous material which allows the surface to be easily restored

Keeping the Surface Hygienic

Designed with end-users in mind, your environment can be protected from the growth of bacteria
Resistant to harsh chemicals
Easy to maintain

Dimensional Flexibility

Bringing another layer of depth & sophistication
Free forming of 3 dimensional representation is possible
Excellent work-ability & precise expression of various design

At Monmouth University, Staron® has taken the form of counter tops, shower walls and sinks in student housing and is withstanding the ultimate test.

Staron®, the new standard in solid-surfaces.

More details are available on Staron website.

Check out this video with Staron’s new pattern collection:

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