Coverings 2016 by Steve Rosenthal and David Jones


Steve Rosenthal and David Jones summarize Coverings 2016 relating to the Tile Sector in the Midwest.

“One of the looks that caught my eye was the new series from Del Conca USA – Cantina – the brick look made out of porcelain is definitely trending: The Brick looks, made out of Porcelain.”  – Said David Jones, All Tile’s Product Manager.

Del Conca featured this show stopper – inside and outside corner brick looks… and I would say: Welcome to Italy!


Marble looks were also featured during Coverings 2016. “Digital technology has put these looks over the top. I was very impressed with Anatolia’s Mayfair Porcelain Tile,” said Steve Rosenthal, All Tile’s EVP of  Sales and Marketing.

The Mayfair room scene on Anatolia’s web page is called “Mayfair Lifestyle”… I could get addicted to the Mayfair Lifestyle. Couldn’t you?


“My favorite Fabric Look, which is continuing to trend in our market, was Sant’Agostino’s Digitalart series,” Added David Jones.

Ceramic Design Award,  “The first fabric effect made on a ceramic surface with three-dimensional texture”, “Endless possibilities for reproduction of any artwork, natural or artistic, ensuring extraordinary technical and aesthetic results.” Do you need me to keep going with it? It’s proven that when it comes to design and innovation, Sant’Agostino runs the show, and that’s not just David’s and my opinion, it’s kind of everybody else’s too.


“Another show stopper was the 2 cm Porcelain slabs that you can use outside with many different installation options, including just leveling the ground and laying the tiles down, no grout, no install!” Commented David Jones on the Due2 series from Del Conca USA.

Now, when I hear “no grout, no install” that really sounds fantastic doesn’t it? And when Del Conca USA makes easy look this gorgeous, I think it becomes the perfect pairing for the outside.

due2_collageOverall, I would say Coverings was as exciting and refreshing as I’ve seen it in several years. Coverings had other trends, such as hexagons, stretched hexagons, and a variety of other shapes and sizes. Our market is not going gangbusters with these kind of specialty products, but we do have some and will keep monitoring the trends to see what else to distribute.” David Jones summarized.

Who is ready for Coverings 2017?
I know we are.

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