Marazzi Preservation Brings Realistic Hardwood Looks to Tile

Marazzi Preservation ColorsWood look tile is the hottest trend in hard surface flooring, and Marazzi’s Preservation has been able to recreate the most beautiful, lifelike, warm, and stunning wood like tile in the industry. Preservation is a color body porcelain tile. This means it has extremely high durability and low maintenance. Should the tile be chipped or gouged, the color or pattern will show through the body of the tile, rather than showing a different color inside the tile which can make chips more prominent.

This series also features rectified edges. This means the tile can be installed with minimum grout joints to create the maximum effect of wood look floors. Marazzi Preservation makes an excellent wall tile, floor tile, backsplash, or countertop. Additionally, this porcelain tile can be used indoors or outdoors in freezing or wet conditions because of its impervious water absorption rating.

The new Marazzi Preservation product line adds three hardwood looks to the popular porcelain tile format. The three looks include Aged Walnut, Distressed Oak and Petrified Grey. The tiles are available in 6″ or 9″ widths and are 36″ long. ┬áMore technical details for this product are available on Marazzi’s website.

Check out this introduction video:


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