Indy 500 – All Tile Summer 2017 Event

“All Tile’s second annual Indy 500 Practice Run event was a major success! This year we had excellent weather, gave away some amazing prizes and connected with our customers at Indinapolis’ most famous venue! I can’t wait for next year!” – David Raymond.

Ride-along in an Indy Car – Polly from Kramer Cabinets
Bose Sound Link Speaker – Bryan Rabb from Rabb & Howe
Tailgating Grill – Per Laigaard from Carmel Countertops
Beats Wireless Headphones – Ross from Cornerstone Cabinets
Nuts On Clark Popcorn – Tracy from Trademark

120 Attendees from around the Indianapolis area
Excellent BBQ catered in by Indianapolis’s own Jugs BBQ.
Beautiful 80º sunny day



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