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Located in the historical district of Belgrade, Serbia, Square Nine Hotel stands out for its contemporary architecture. The hotel was projected by the renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, who opted for a climate of discreet refinement and warmth.

The common areas of the hotel, including the lobby and restaurant, are large and integrated. In the basement the highlight is a pool bathed by a beam of natural light, accompanied by a gym, spa and sauna. On the rooftop, a small bar overlooks the square in front of the hotel.

There are 3 types of rooms: 32 m² and 47 m² double rooms and 90 m² suites distributed in 5 floors of the building, totaling 45 units. Each floor has a different hall with unique and unusual pieces of furniture.

Also noteworthy is the imposing wooden frontage – one of the hotel trademarks -, and the Brazilian Chestnut floors, both provided by Indusparquet.

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